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Look3 Festival of Photography

May 27th, 2013

“Three days of peace, love and photography” is how Look3 bills itself. I’m really pleased to be showing some work at the festival which takes place in Charlottesville USA in June this year. This is the introduction from their website:

LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph is a celebration of photography, created by photographers, for those who share a passion for the still image. The Festival features exhibits and on-stage appearances of our INsight artists, as well as exhibitions, outdoor projections, workshops and interviews over three days and nights. The Festival is designed to bring together the international photography community and create opportunities for attendees and artists to share images, ideas, and to be inspired.

See more details about the Look3 festival here

A slot called Shots&Works allows photographers to show whole projects projected on screen as 4 minute films, this year it features my work along with many others, like Britta Jaschinski, Eugene Richards and Nina Berman. The work I’m showing is a short personal story about the Arctic, which attempts to set the loss of sea ice in the context of human time.

See the whole Shots&works schedule here

Look3 festival of photography in Charlottesville