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Personal blogs

If you demonstrably gain no income from your personal blog, you may include two images or screenshots from this site on a personal blog post online.

The following is necessary to qualify for this:

  1. That you carry no advertising and sell no products or services.
  2. You must include a clear link back to this website.
  3.  You must add your own review or comment.

If in doubt contact the photographer.


School and college students may use work from this site in their own personal research, school discussions and assignments in the interest of furthering their education. This right does not extend to use in academic publications, lecturing or use in a post graduate thesis. If in doubt contact the photographer. All other requests for use should be directed to the photographer at info@nickcobbing.co.uk.

All infringement will be followed up and fees may be charged for the full period of unauthorised use.